Muppleberry Farm Standard Schnauzers Why Adopt a Standard Schnauzer?

The Standard Schnauzer is the original Schnauzer, first appearing by name in 1842.


To us, the Standard is the perfect sized dog. Most are between 30 and 50 pounds fully grown. While they aren't the right size for being lap dogs, most don't get that memo -- and try anyway.


If you are looking for a snuggler (and who isn't?) this is your breed. Standard's are very affectionate, and most display a wanton disregard for your personal space.


Standard's are highly intelligent, and we're proud to say that a boy from our first litter was recently certified as a Service Dog. They can also be quite stubborn, and require a firm hand. They are very vocal, with deep baritone barks that sound like a much larger dog. This makes them an excellent guard breed. Their intelligence borders on cunning, a properly motivated Standard will eventually get any object they are seeking.


Our Standards are very athletic. One of our pups has been clocked at 18 MPH, going uphill. I'm certain she can go faster, but our tractor can't. They also love water, here at the farm we have a small pond,  and in the summer they will stay out for hours at a time, chasing each other, playing, and then crashing full speed into the water. Our dam also loves to retrieve floating toys. One of our pups lives in Florida, where his owner keeps a small kiddie pool in the yard for splashing and keeping cool. Standards have a lot of energy, and need strenuous exercise. We would recommend a fenced yard with plenty of room to run.


Our puppies all come with uncropped ears, and docked tails. If you would prefer your puppy have a long tail that can be arranged in advance.


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